A Dedicated Research Counsel
New Hampshire Legal Research blends traditional legal research and writing skills with modern legal research tools to provide practitioners the advantage of a dedicated 24/7 Research Counsel and the resultant legal research and writing capacity found traditionally in larger firms at rates affordable to suit the small to mid-size firm. Research is available for most jurisdictions, and services are billed at an hourly rate that is not only cost-effective for your firm but for your client as well. Flat-rates for projects can be negotiated and contract rates are available for long-term engagements.
A Troubleshooter for Practitioners
As practitioners, we all from time-to-time encounter matters where it helps to have a second opinion.  New Hampshire Legal Research understands practitioners sometimes require another to look at a problem with a fresh set of eyes and spot issues and offer a different perspective.  Moreover, sometimes a matter can become complex and require either another attorney working behind the scenes or as a co-counsel.  New Hampshire Legal Research offers practitioners this advantage at rates reasonable to both practitioners and their clients.
Real Property Title Searches

New Hampshire Legal Reserach provides title searches for real property in New Hampshire. Title searches available for Strafford, Rockingham and Carroll County. Limited title searches available for other counties.

Motions and Supporting Memorandum of Law
Motions are a critical tool to the practitioner in litigation, especially in the context of dispositive motions such as motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment as are objections to these motions.  Effectively written motions and well-researched and written supporting memorandum of law can mean the difference between a party's case being disposed of by the court or proceeding on the merits.  Motions are available for most jurisdictions and quoted and billed on a flat-fee basis, which will not be cost-prohibitive to your firm or your client.
Interlocutory Appeals
Interlocutory appeals pursuant to Rule 8 and Rule 9 of the New Hampshire Supreme Court is a tool seldom utilized by practitioners.  New Hampshire Legal Research provides practitioners seeking interlocutory review the necessary signature-ready motions, statements and supporting appendices of exhibits at a pre-quoted flat rate.
Appellate Briefs
Detailed research and citation to the law coupled with effective written argument can be the difference between winning and losing an appeal, yet written appellate advocacy is expensive both in time consumed for research and preparation and competes for the practitioner's time and other clients. Practitioners must weigh time spent and cost to the client when drafting appellate briefs as well as time for their other caseloads.  New Hampshire Legal Research creates appellate briefs with the view that an appeal can be won or lost on the written brief alone.  The requisite number of briefs and appendices are prepared and printed for the client per the rules of the New Hampshire Supreme Court or federal appellate court and ready for the client's signature and filing. Preparation of Notice of Appeal and oral argument support and co-counsel arrangements are available upon request. Appellate briefs are quoted and billed on a flat-fee basis plus the cost of printing of briefs and appendices, which provides your firm and your client with an affordable means to advocate their case before the Court.


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